Autor/autori: Drd.Eng.Valentin ZAHARESCU, Assoc.prof.Eng. Elena ANGHEL, Drd.Eng. Constantina GROFU, Drd.Eng. Iulian BARBOIANU, PhD prof. Basarab GUZUN

Rezumat: In domeniul centralelor hidroelectrice CHE utilizarea actionarilor variabile din reteaua serviciilor interne RSI, poate constitui o sursa viabila de economisire energetica. Astfel, analiza atenta a structurii consumatorilor din RSI duce la concluzia justa privind regimul adecvat de antrenare a diverselor mecanisme mecano-energetice la viteze mai redus atunci cand CHE nu este lestata la parametrii nominali. In acest sens, convertoarele de frecventa CF pot fi de utilitate certa in actionarile de durata la viteza variabila pentru consumatorii oprerand de durata , precum pompele apa de racire; pentru consumatorii de scurta durata precum pompele de ulei sau apa-epuisment sunt mai potrivite actionarile prin soft startere SSt. In acest fel, utilitatea investitiei in dispozitivele electronice de putere este evidenta si poate fi amortizata convenabil.

Cuvinte cheie: consumatori de servicii interne, centrale hidroelectrice CHE, convertoare de frecventa CF, softstartere SSt

Abstract: In the field of hydro power plants HPP the use of variable drivings could be significant in energy savings. In this respect, one carefully conducted analysis will show the adequate regime of slower speed devoted to the ancillarry consumers when the HPP is not loaded at its rated parameters. In this respect, the frequency converters FC could be helpful for the ancillary operating during long range regimes, as cooling water pumping; for the ancillary consumers driven only for short period of time like pressurized oil pumps of water sewage drain, could be sufficient drivings which are using soft-starters SSt;. In this way, the new investment at one HPP could be useful, being recuperated at acceptable rate.

Keywords: ancillary consumers, hydro power plants HPP, frequency converters FC, softstarters SSt.