Autor/autori: Prof. dr. ing. Florin CHICHERNEA

Rezumat: Piesele turnate intra in componenta celor mai diverse produse. Calitatea produselor depinde de calitatea pieselor turnate. Proiectarea pieselor turnate a trecut de la metodele ingineresti clasice de calcul, la modelarea 2D si apoi la modelarea 3D. Exista programe specializate pentru proiectarea 3D a pieselor turnate din prima faza a turnarii, pana la ultima faza a controlului. In lucrarea de fata se prezinta abordarea problemelor din punct de vedere al meserie de proiectare a pieselor turnate. Calculatorul nu este nimic daca nu se cunosc intai problemele si fenomenele care au loc in timpul procesului de obtinere a pieselor turnate. In aceasta lucrare s-a insistat asupra dimensionarii maselotelor pieselor turnate considerand trei ipoteze prezentate in lucrare.

Cuvinte cheie: piese turnate, proiectare, modelarea 2D, 3D, dimensionarea maselotelor

Abstract: Castings are used in the various products. Product quality depends on the castings quality. Designing castings went from classical engineering methods of calculation, 2D shape and then to 3D modeling. There are specialized programs/software for designing 3D cast form the first phase of casting, to the last phase of the control. In this paper we present the problem from the viewpoint of design trade castings. The computer is nothing if not first known problems and phenomena that occur during the process of obtaining castings. In this paper sizing insisted on casting feeders considering three hypotheses presented in the paper

Keywords: casting, designing, modeling 2D, 3D, sizing feeders