Autor/autori: Velicu ŞTEFAN, Ionel PĂUNESCU, Marius PARASCHIV, Paul Liviu PĂUNESCU

Abstract: This paper highlights the research conducted for proactive maintenance application by analyzing vibration and temperature monitoring during equipment operation, a method that provides a beneficial way clear, comprehensive and thorough to maintain normal operating conditions with low cost of operation and assistance in decision making in maintenance activities. The case study concerns the analysis of vibration and temperature control by monitoring the operation of a screw compressor using information to support maintenance strategies, avoiding outage and reducing unplanned expenses. The paper presents the monitoring method, the devices and related software for a screw compressor of an air conditioning unit. Interpretation of research results, based on a theoretical justification allows continuous assessment of the condition of the equipment and setting intervention thresholds. The conclusions drawn from this paper are generally applicable to assist decision on maintenance activity for similar equipment designed durably

Keywords: Signal transducers, monitoring software/solutions, decisions, maintenance