Autor/autori: Dorin VLAD, Alina Mihaela COLDEA, Diana COMAN

Abstract: This paper presents a new eco-efficient way about using textile materials in order to minimize potential environmental impacts and human health. It also shows the advantages and the limitation of these materials. Because conventional textile production is one of the most polluting industries on the planet, we propose a parallel with viable solutions in achieving textile products from raw materials with high ecological alternative Finding the right ways to reduce the environmental pollution caused by textile production starts with finding new ways to produce fabrics that don’t require toxic materials and large amounts of water, and which minimize harm to local environment. Sustainable textile solutions is dedicated to assist brands, retailers and industry partners to implement sustainable textile production that is meeting both, quality and ecorequirements, and makes the use of resources more efficient. The study conducted in this paper is directed towards organic yarns used to produce knitted fabrics for clothing, as an alternative to the classic cotton yarns. Raw materials like different type of cotton, organic cotton, bamboo, soybean, kapok, etc. will be analyzed. The life cycle of textiles and consumer safety are goals to be achieved by the use of improved and new types of natural raw materials

Keywords: Sustainable textiles, raw material, organic yarns, eco-efficiency