Autor/autori: Eng. Codrin MALES PhD S, Prof. Eng. Valentin POPA PhD, Eng. Alexandu LAVRIC PhD S, Eng. Ilie FINIS PhD S

Rezumat: In aceasta lucrare este realizata evaluarea performantelor comunicatiei PLC (Power Line Communications) in banda ingusta utilizand protocolul PRIME. Testele au fost efectuate in banda CENELEC A (3-95 kHz). Studiul se axeaza pe transferul de date atunci cand comunicatia este realizata printr-o linie electrica de 100m lungime si printr-un transformator. In cadrul testelor efectuate a fost variat TBS-ul (Transfer Block Size) astfel incat numarul de pachete sa fie acelasi folosind modulatia DBPSK (Differential Binary Phase Shift Keying). Valorile parametrilor PER (Packet Error Rate),SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) si viteza de transfer au fost analizate in cazul comunicatiei bidirectionale.

Cuvinte cheie: DBPSK, PRIME, PER, SNR, transformator

Abstract: In this paper a performance evaluation of narrowband PLC (Power Line Communications) using PRIME protocol is made. Tests were done in the CENELEC A band (3kHz - 95 kHz). The study focuses on the transfer of data when communication is achieved through a power line of 100 m long and through a transformer. In the tests the TBS (Transfer Block Size) was varied, so that the number of data packages transferred to be the same, when DBPSK (Differential Binary Phase Shift Keying) modulation has been used. Values of PER (Packet Error Rate), SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) and transfer data rate were analyzed for bidirectional communication.

Keywords: DBPSK, PRIME, PER, SNR, transformer