Autor/autori: Prof. Eng. Ioan RUJA, PhD, Prof. Eng. Constantin MARTA, PhD, Eng. Aurel MIDAN, Eng.Marius TUFOI

Rezumat: In cadrul lucrarii se prezinta o instalatie care permite topirea metalelor in camp electromagnetic la frecvente cuprinse intre 200÷300 KHz.. Topirea prin inductie, in levitatie prezinta interes datorita posibilitatii de a obtine metale mai pure si cu proprietati mecanice, tehnologice si electrice care le fac mai performante fata de metalele obtinute prin topire in instalatiile clasice. Instalatia cuprinde doua parti: convertorul static de frecventa si circuitul oscilant LC care la rezonanta determina topirea si levitatia metalului.

Cuvinte cheie: incalzire , inductie, convertor static de frecventa, rezonanta, topire

Abstract: The paper presents an installation allowing the melting of metals in electromagnetic field at frequencies ranging between 200÷300 KHz.. Melting by induction, in levitation, presents a special interest due to the possibility to obtain purer metals with higher-performance mechanic, technologic and electric properties compared to the metals obtained by melting in classic installations. The installation comprises two parts: the static frequency converter and the LC oscillating circuit, which, at resonance, triggers the metal melting and levitation.

Keywords: heating, induction, static frequency converter, resonance, melting