Autor/autori: Andrei MARINESCU Horia GAVRILA, Ionel DUMBRAVA

Abstract: During the last two decades remarkable advances occurred in the field of semiconductor devices and smart systems, by their miniaturization and performance increase. Consequently, the reduction of equipment energy consumption and dimensions has resulted. A major contribution had here the new magnetic materials used, for instance, in the measurement technique, information technology and electric energy conversion. Starting from a precursor represented by amorphous magnetic materials, we assist now to the market success of nanocrystalline magnetic materials. Appeared for the first time in Japan and then developed by companies around the world, these materials have special properties for use at high frequency, don’t utilize scarce and expensive chemical elements, have low losses and weights a.s.o. In this paper it is shown that the electric and electronic engineering fields can take full advantage of the features of these materials presented under different forms, from ribbons to thin films. After a brief presentation of the specific properties and a comparison with the classical magnetic materials, a series of applications such as wideband current/voltage transformers, disturbance filters and information recording systems are described, for which there are obtained smaller dimensions, wider frequency bands or greater storage capacities than until now. The results got by simulation and experiment, related to the development of some new high performance magnetic devices are presented

Keywords: magnetic materials; nanocrystalline magnetic materials; specific properties; applications