Masurarea zgomotului electronic ca element important al tehnologiilor avansate

Autor/autori: Prof. univ. dr. ing. Valentin Gutu

Rezumat: In lucrare se argumenteaza alegerea procedeului de masurare a zgomotului electronic prin metoda modulatiei. Este propusa si practic construita o instalatie de masurare a zgomotului propriu al amplificatoarelor operationale – dispozitive, pe larg utilizate in cele mai diverse sfere si echipamente electronice si al filtrelor active RC in care acestea sunt utilizate ca element activ. Instalatia functioneaza in baza metodei modulatiei de masurare, asigurand un grad de precizie suficient in practica inginereasca si, concomitent o sensibilitate satisfacatoare in exercitii practice.

Cuvinte cheie: Zgomot, zgomot propriu, masurarea zgomotului, metode de masurare, caracteristici de zgomot, tensiune si putere, densitatea spectrala, generator de zgomot etalon, erori de masurare, filtre, filtre active, functia trece-jos, functia trece-banda, amplificator, amplificator operational, detector.

Abstract: The paper argues the election process to measure electronic noise modulation method. It is proposed to virtualy build a plant for measurement noise of the operational amplifiers – devices, widely used in various spheres and electronic equipment and of the active RC filters where these are used as active element. Facility operated by the modulation method of measuring, ensuring a suficient degree of accuracy in engineering practice and while a satisfactory sensitivity in practical exercises

Keywords: Noise, own noise, noise measuring, measuring methodes, noise characteristics, tension and power, spectral density, equivalent circuit, noise standard generator, measuring errors, filter, active filters, pass-low frequency function, pass-band frequency function, amplifier, operational amplifier, detector.